❝come with me, and you’ll be
                                                            in a world of pure imagination

ϟ multi-muse harry potter oc’s
ϟ can range from marauder’s era to next gen
ϟ 4 years of roleplay experience
ϟ uses icons, gif icons, and small text
ϟ does gif chats, one-liners, para, multi-para, etc.
ϟ all nsfw and triggering content is tagged accordingly
ϟ mun and 50% of muses are underage

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new nathan young rp blog!


so i made a multi-muse blog with all my harry potter oc’s and you guys should go follow it because i love them kthankyou ily

P S A ;;

I’m sad to say it, especially now that I’ve hit 2000 followers. 

But after nearly a year-long run, this blog is now on an indefinite hiatus.

I’ve just got a lot of bad memories with this account, and with the new year, it’s time to move on.

You can find me on any of these blogs.

I hope to see you all again sometime soon. ♥

be a pal and follow my new merida blog


i roleplay with both her animated and her live action fc soooo yeah

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How to seduce a roleplayer

So I read your about page...

okay y’all are laughing at me for getting emoitonal over ed sheeran songs and my girlfriend

but you try and listen to wake me up while picturing you and your significant other/crush without fucking bawling okay man