shewalksineternity whispered in your ear:
Honey, I'm home! (have fun)

(This would be adorable if I had koala-tea writing skills. But I’ll try anyway. XD )

It was a three room studio apartment, but it was adorable. Even better, it was theirs. The first real home either of them had lived in for years.

Dean fumbled through the dark, reaching for his alarm clock and turning it around. 7:00 AM. 3/17He groaned, getting out of bed with an exaggerated stretch and a loud yawn. He glanced over at Joan, still sleeping, wrapped up in the blankets tightly, and keeping most of them from Dean. He smirked, leaning down and kissing her forehead before walking out into the kitchen.

“She’s usually up first… But I can make eggs, right?” He murmured to himself before laughing. “Of course I can make eggs.”

Joan woke up a couple minutes later. But probably just to the sound of the smoke alarm. She scrambled out into the kitchen  blanket still wrapped around her and just stared at Dean, who was just running around, opening all the windows and doors. “Dean, what’ve you done?” The timelady rasped, wrinkling her face uncomfortably as the alarm just kept ringing. 

“I was trying to make eggs, but then I forgot to put cooking spray on the pan, and I sorta burnt the eggs…” He grumbled the last part, pushing open the last window and smiling weakly at Joan as the alarm finally shut off. 

Joan just sat there for a minute, still with that raspy uncomfortable face before smiling a little. “Why’d I ever marry you?” She chuckled, wrapping her arms around his waist. “Because I’m handsome?” He answered, holding her tightly and resting his chin on her head. “Well at least you’re pretty.” She mumbled, sleepily burying her face in his shirt. “Let’s get back to bed. I’ll make breakfast after we wake up.”